Q:  How much does it cost to work with Fairway Promotions?

A:  There are absolutely no "management" or "consulting" fees when working with Fairway Promotions.  Your only cost is the merchandise or contests purchased.

Q: Do we have to purchase all of your services?

A:  Although many clients choose to maximize their benefit by taking advantage of us as a single source supplier it is not required.  For example, while one event may choose to purchase custom merchandise, signage and a hole-in-one prize package; another may use only our silent auction program.

Q: Does anyone ever win the hole-in-one prizes?

A:  Fairway Promotions has awarded an average of more than 10 prizes per year.  See contest and events page for a list of recent prize winners.

Q: Who do you work with?

A: Fairway Promotions works with more than 400 golf events a year as well as numerous organizations wishing to promote their brand not necessaritly through a golf event.  Our client list includes the most recognizable national charities, smaller local charities and companies of all sizes.  Please see our testimonial page for a sampling


Here you will find the answers to some commonly asked questions. 


Q:  We have a committee that plans our event.  How can Fairway Promotions help?

A:  Fairway Promotions does not "plan" events.  We are designed as a one-stop resource for event planners/committees.  Fairway Promotions can assist in supplying many of the contests, merchandise, signage and fundraising that make an event a success.  There is a significant time/cost benefit to working with a single supplier like Fairway Promotions.